What is TrimWord?

We think the video below video says it all.

TrimWord is a word processor for people who don't like word processors. TrimWord is for people who just want to type, and not have to deal with styles, dialogs, boxes, forms, and the whole mess - who just want to focus on the text.

If you've ever wanted to yell "just let me write" at your word processor, then TrimWord might be the tool for you.

Best of all? It's free.

So how does it work?

You write on the left, and it's rendered on the right. (You may put either away, if you like.) Simple as that.

Since the text and the output are now separate, it's easy to put typed notations in, so that you don't ever have to deal with a menu or a window again. Bold and italic are just asterisks and slashes around text. Links and images you just type in as URLs.

Also, this means that your document just contains rules about style concepts. The actual appearance is kept completely separate, in a theme, which is completely automatic and out of your hands, like a blog. No more wasting time fixing margins, tweaking spacings, aligning imagines, et cetera; you just choose a theme, and it's done - and the results are beautiful.

The amount of time saved is dramatic.

Aren't editors like this usually limited?

Yeah. That's a big part of why we made this one. They're usually just viewers for text files. This is a real word processor, with themes, attention to visual details, and which isn't focussed on living inside this one tool.

Want to send someone your gorgeous document? Print it to a rendered file, or TrimWord can also export it to a webpage for you, with the theme intact.

What's the catch?

Well, the editor is free. So ... we dunno. :)

Give it a try, and then Let us know what you think.

What about my language?

Speak not-English? We'd love your help translating TrimWord. It's super-easy, built into the app, and we made a tutorial video. :)

What about my language?

We would love to be fully international. We are a tiny software house. We're happy to integrate other languages, but when it's something from the other side of the planet, it's difficult to acquire.

We have built a very simple translation system into our application. You can get to it from the charm bar (hit win-C or right-swipe), under settings.

We made a video, because it's really very easy, but it's easier if you've seen how to get there.


I'll fill this in promptly. I've really only just gotten started on this site. :)

Downloading TrimWord

The main way to get TrimWord from the webpage, if you're on a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, is to use the app button. Swipe up from the bottom (or hit Win-Z) and you'll see a button towards the right, which looks like a wrench; press it, and it will give you the app directly.

To get TrimWord from Windows, open Store, and from the main page, type the name "TrimWord".

Alternately, here is TrimWord's public app page.